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St. Petersburg Legal Malpractice Attorney

Florida Legal Malpractice Attorneys Representing Individuals and Businesses in St. Petersburg

Did your business hire a lawyer who failed to notice a serious problem in a sales contract? If that lawyer’s error cost you a significant amount of money, you could be eligible to file a legal malpractice claim. Or, for instance, did you hire an attorney to handle certain tax issues related to your sole proprietorship, and the attorney embezzled money from your small business while explaining the financial loss as a tax expense? In such a case, that attorney likely breached a fiduciary duty and may be liable for professional malpractice.

If you need help filing a legal malpractice claim, a St. Petersburg legal malpractice attorney at Saady & Saxe, P.A. can assist you.

What is Legal Malpractice in St. Petersburg?

Legal malpractice is one type of professional malpractice under Florida law. You may be familiar with other kinds of professional malpractice, such as medical malpractice where a healthcare provider’s negligence causes a patient’s injury. Similarly, legal malpractice involves a situation in which a lawyer’s negligent or intentionally harmful actions cause harm to an individual or business. The types of harm caused by legal malpractice can vary. For example, a lawyer’ negligence may result in a criminal defendant being convicted of an offense for which he should have been acquitted, or it may result in a business losing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

When a lawyer makes a mistake or intentionally behaves in a way that causes harm, the party that suffers the legal “injury” may be able to file a lawsuit.

Examples of Legal Malpractice in St. Petersburg

The following are some examples of the types of legal malpractice cases with which our firm can help:

  • Lawyer missed a filing deadline;
  • Lawyer stole or misappropriated money from the client;
  • Lawyer markedly misconstrued the applicable law in a particular situation;
  • Lawyer failed to tell a client about a conflict of interest;
  • Lawyer failed to seek consent for a client before accepting a settlement;
  • Lawyer made another type of egregious mistake; and/or
  • Lawyer engaged in fraud.

Statute of Limitations for a St. Petersburg Legal Malpractice Claim

If you hired a lawyer who engaged in behavior that rose to the level of professional or legal malpractice, you should be thinking about filing a claim. While it may be difficult for you to feel that you can trust another attorney to work with you in a diligent and fair manner so soon after being harmed by another lawyer’s malpractice, it is important to recognize that Florida law gives you only a limited amount of time to file a lawsuit.

Under the Florida statute of limitations for professional malpractice, including legal malpractice, a plaintiff has only two years from the date of the incident giving rise to the claim to file a lawsuit, or two years from the date that the plaintiff discovered (or reasonably should have discovered) the malpractice.

Contact a Legal Malpractice Attorney in St. Petersburg

Do not wait to talk to a lawyer about filing a claim. One of the dedicated St. Petersburg legal malpractice attorneys at our firm can speak with you today. We have decades of experience representing clients. Contact Saady & Saxe, P.A. to speak with a professional malpractice attorney about your options.

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