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St. Petersburg Professional Malpractice Attorney 

Professional Malpractice Attorneys Serving Clients in St. Petersburg, Florida

When you hire a professional to do work for your business, or when you engage the services of a professional for individual purposes, you should be able to expect that the professional knows how to do his or her job and will perform it as well as any other professional in the field. Yet professional negligence occurs with some frequency, from legal malpractice to insurance negligence. In many professional malpractice claims, the legal harm results from the professional’s negligence. In other words, a lawyer, accountant, or insurance adjuster might not intend to do any harm, yet that professional’s careless behavior results in a serious error.

If you need help with a professional malpractice claim, you should know that an experienced St. Petersburg professional malpractice attorney at our firm can assist you. With decades of experience serving clients, we are ready to begin working on your case today.

What is Professional Malpractice in St. Petersburg?

Professional malpractice involves a situation in which a professional does not use reasonable care in doing his or her job, and that professional’s negligence results in a legal “injury.” The injury does not need to be a physical one, but rather an injury such as the loss of money due to an error, or even the loss of liberty when a lawyer makes an error that sends a client to jail. Professionals have a responsibility to use the same level of care that others in their field would use. Failure to do so can result in liability.

In general, to win a professional malpractice claim, a plaintiff will need to be able to prove the following:

  • Professional owed you a duty of care (this usually is true anytime you hire a professional to do a job);
  • Professional breached the duty of care (this is where you need to prove that the professional was negligent because she or he did not use the same level of care that other similar professionals would have used);
  • You suffered a legal injury; and
  • Your legal injury was caused by the professional’s breach of the duty of care.

Common Types of Professional Malpractice Claims in St. Petersburg

At Saady & Saxe, P.A., we assist client with a variety of professional malpractice claims, such as:

  • Legal malpractice;
  • Insurance malpractice;
  • Accounting malpractice; and
  • Engineering malpractice.

St. Petersburg Professional Malpractice Statute of Limitations

Anyone who is considering filing a professional malpractice claim should be aware of the two-year statute of limitations under Florida law for all professional malpractice claims aside from medical malpractice.

With a professional malpractice claim, the clock starts to “tick” on the date that the lawyer committed malpractice, and the clock “runs out” once two years have passed. Once the clock has run, a plaintiff’s legal malpractice claim will become time-barred and that plaintiff will not be able to file a lawsuit. There are some exceptions to the two-year statute of limitations. Namely, if you did not realize your lawyer committed malpractice until a date beyond the incident, you will still have only two years to file a lawsuit, but the clock will begin “ticking” instead on the date that you discovered—or reasonably should have discovered—the malpractice.

Contact a Professional Malpractice Attorney in St. Petersburg

If you or your business suffered harm because of professional malpractice, one of our aggressive professional malpractice attorneys in St. Petersburg can speak with you today about your case. Contact Saady & Saxe, P.A. for more information about the services we provide.

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