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Tampa Business Transaction Attorney

Businesses buy and sell goods, real estate, and even services in the course of conducting business.   These transactions are often governed by legally binding contracts or agreements that detail the terms of the acceptance and offer of the transactions.  Generally, purchase and sales agreements start with an offer and an acceptance of that offer, and develop more detailed terms depending on goods and services being sold.  A well-drafted contract ensures that the deal proceeds smoothly with all parties sharing a mutual understanding of the key terms of the agreement. Contact our Tampa business transactions attorneys for assistance.

Some of the key terms that are included in purchase and sales contracts are:

  • The names and addresses of the parties involved;
  • The details or description of the item or property being sold;
  • The price of the item being sold; and
  • Any clauses and special amendments agreed to between the parties.

Where there are standard contracts that are used in various transactions, a contract drafted specifically for a particular transaction may better address your specific business needs and avoid confusion.  However, if you regularly conduct the same types of business transactions, you may need a standard contract to use in your routine business transactions.  Some transactions, such as the purchase of real estate, have standard industry contracts that are often used by most parties.  These agreements contain various clauses that deal with specific stages of the transactions, and may contain additions and addenda to suit the needs of the contracting parties.  While a standard agreement may be more convenient in some cases, it is not always required, and the parties can develop their own contracts.

Businesses should take the following points into consideration when entering into a sales transaction:

  • Conducting due diligence before purchasing or selling to determine if there are any financial risks or other problems to the transaction;
  • How the purchase is to be financed and the kind of collateral that would be used to secure the financing;
  • Whether there are any legally required filings or notices to be completed prior to closing the transactions; and
  • What is required to transfer ownership from the seller to the purchaser in order to complete the sale.

Businesses Dealing Directly With Consumers – B2C

If a business is marketing goods directly to consumers, especially through solicitation, there are additional legal requirements that the business should follow.  These requirements are supposed to protect the consumer, and sometimes there are terms and disclaimers that must be included in a purchase agreement to be signed by a solicited consumer.  There is also a requirement that the terms as described in a written agreement following a telephone solicitation should substantially match the language used in the solicitation.

Whatever your business needs, our experienced Tampa business law attorneys can draft the right purchase and sales agreements, or help advise you as to the content of an agreement your business may be considering.

Contact an Experienced Tampa Business Transactions Attorney

As you consider making or accepting an offer for the sale or purchase of goods or services for your business, contact the experienced business transaction and contract attorneys at Saady & Saxe to discuss how we can help draft contracts that are uniquely tailored to your business needs.  We can prepare contracts for basic agreements to more complex multi-party business transactions.

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