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Tampa Accounting Malpractice Attorney

Holding accountants responsible for damage caused by negligence

Individuals and businesses depend on Saady & Saxe, P.A. to pursue financial advisors and accountants whose mistakes cause them financial harm.

Accountants and CPAs are a critical part of today’s business world, providing advice and counsel to businesses and individuals in a variety of contexts. Unfortunately, they are human and they make mistakes. Contact our Tampa account malpractice attorneys for more information. The following errors can be very costly to their clients:

  • Filing tax returns that contain errors
  • Filing tax returns late or improperly
  • Failing to properly audit financial statements
  • Failing to discover inflated inventory and accounts receivable problems
  • Providing incorrect tax advice
  • Offering erroneous tax planning advice
  • Committing fraud (CPA license fraud, securities fraud)
  • Failure to comply with General Accepted Auditing Standards and General Accepted Accounting Principles

CPAs sometimes misstate their experience and expertise, providing advice and counsel in areas for which they are not qualified. Additionally, improper audits can harm the company or individual being audited, but may impact the person or company that may have relied upon that audit. Accountants for larger concerns can face liability to investors, lenders and others who rely on their audit reports. Flawed valuations of businesses can cost buyers hundreds of thousands of dollars when projections or other information is not accurate.

These types of claims are actionable, and Saady & Saxe, P.A. attorneys have the ability to identify and prosecute claims for such negligent acts. The firm also vigorously pursues claims of insurance agent malpractice.

Proving accounting malpractice

Generally, a plaintiff must prove the following to prevail in an accounting malpractice case:

  • The accountant had a duty to the plaintiff.
  • The accountant breached this duty.
  • The plaintiff suffered an injury.
  • The accountant’s breach was the legal cause of the injury.

A simple error that does not result in financial harm likely would not constitute accounting negligence.

Typically, if a case goes to trial, an accounting expert testifies that the accountant failed to abide by the appropriate standards of the profession.

Tampa accounting malpractice attorneys relied on to pursue accounting negligence in Florida and beyond

Accounting malfeasance cases can be complex and require a Tampa accounting malpractice attorney experienced in this area of law. Contact Saady & Saxe, P.A. to meet with an attorney with decades of success in the Tampa area.

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