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Fighting Amongst Homeowners In Florida

In Florida, the prevalence of homeowners associations resulted from the development of condominiums and town house neighborhoods over the last several decades. The state legislature sought to provide some rules about what kind of rules these associations could legally impose on their members. This has not minimized the number of disputes between warring homeowners.

While many disputes that occur within these Associations provide for interesting anecdotes, many of the 57 million homeowners belonging to such groups do not find them so amusing. Many find the level of regulations to be examples of excessive over-regulation. Consider the following items that are commonly regulated by these associations:

  • Fences and hedges: height and appearance
  • Trees, lawns and weeds: limits on size
  • Shingles and exterior paint color
  • Garages and sheds: color and size
  • Garbage cans: leaving them out too long
  • Pools: a fervent source of dispute
  • Mailboxes and garbage cans: size, color and types
  • Pets: size, type and breeds not to mention leash rules

This list provides just a sample of areas in which disputes arise. Besides the element of micro-management that these regulations exhibit, the personal, “close to home” aspect of these disputes can exacerbate issues. 

Contact experienced Tampa attorneys if you have a problem with one of your neighbors or are being cited for violation of your homeowners association’s rules.

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